DMn gurU nwnk dyv jI DMn bwbw b`uFw swihb jI
Atam Darshi Satsang
Atamn : Waheguru, the Supreme, Self
Darsi : All seeing, Realized
Satsang : Congregation
Baba Jaswant Singh ji's dera which attracted people from all walks of life; had all of them thirsting for knowledge of spiritual salvation. Sensing this, Baba Bhagwant Bhajan Singh ji started a program promoting universal brotherhood via Simran and explanation of 'Guru Shabad'. He started this where the words would be explained in detail, their meanings and implications and how bliss can be achieved by the repetition via Simran. Babaji would explain the holy words via a discussion and simran would be done by the disciples (hailing from all walks of life).
Guru Sahib says : "Nau nidh Amrit Prabh Ka Naam,Dehi Meh Is Ka Bisram."
God is within us, he is omnipresent in us. We need to understand that he resides inn us and by churning and stirring the senses can we realize it. This is done continuous and repetitive Simran' we can compare this to waking up a person from deep slumber. It is essential that our dormant mind be woken up to recognize its true value. This self-realization satsang is consucted by Babaji to awaken the senses in the disciples whose ultimate goal is Hari-darshan.
'Darshan piyaas bahut man mere'