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About Trust
  Introduction :
  Nirmal Takhat Baba Budha Sahib Charitable Trust, VPO Dakoha Jalandhar started on 1/11/1992 by Baba Bhagwant Bhajan Singh Ji s/o Late Sant Baba Jaswant Singh Ji at VPO Dakoha Jalandhar-144023. Sant Baba Jaswant Singh Ji served people throughout his life.
  Trustees :
Baba Bhagwant Bhajan Singh Ji s/o. Late Sant Baba Jaswant Singh - President
Smt. Harmohinder Kaur w/o.Baba Bhagwant Bhajan Singh Ji- Vice President
Sh. Puneet Pal Singh s/o.Bhagwant Bhajan Singh - Secretary
Mrs. Amrita Sidhu w/o.Surinder Pal Singh Sidhu - Trustee
Ms. Karminderjit Kaur Chaudhary D/o. Jagjit Singh - Trustee
  Objectives :
To establish, run and maintain and ecquire the widow Ashrams, Orphan Houses, Old Age Homes and Poor Homes.
To establish, run, manage, maintain and acqire Hospitals, Dispensaries, Health Centres, Nursing
homes and other medical Relief centre for the treatment of persons suffering from various ailments
or mental instability or for the treatment of persons suffering bodily or emotionally and for the treatment of personsrequiring medical attention and their rehabilitation.
To provide medical services to any persons of any status and free medical services and medicines to deserving patients regardlessto their religion, caste, creed to which they may belong and to arrange
for their treatment in various hospitals.
To establish and run other hospitals, branches and Nursing Homes With medical and surgical facilities
and to establish and run medical colleges.
To acquire land, building and construct suitable buildings for the purpose of achievement of objects of the trust and arrange for the necessary machinery and equipments.
To construst Ashrams and run schools and other educational institutions for imparting technical,
spiritual, academic and physical education etc.
To help any Institute or Society having the objects similar to that of this Trust.
That the benefit of Chatitable and Philanthropic purpose shall not be restricted or confined to a member of any particular community,caste,creed,religion or faith.
To fullfill any object and job of charitable nature for the general benefitof public at large and to give then peace of mind and bodily comfort and progress in life.
To supply necessary information for the said purposes to people through books,magazines, papers and otherwiseand impart training on any object.
To do any act and take any actin necessary for acquiring objects of the trust.